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Terrorism and Cyber Threats move up as the top threats to an organisation’s growth prospects.

– PwC CEO Survey Report 2018

The best pathway to Disarming Corporate Terrorists™ is to introduce T.R.U.S.T. as a business currency.

– Elias Kanaris

According to PwC, Terrorism and Cyber Threats are the two fastest growing concerns among CEOs globally*.

Terrorists are no longer limited to being external jihadists that use unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. They are now internal employees, sabotaging the progress of projects within the company, radicalising others and causing mayhem. This new breed are called Corporate Terrorists.

Terrorists can strike your company at any time. The attack can be internal as well as external. The obvious risk is to your brand and reputation, as well as losses through cybercrime. Unfortunately, the other risk is losing key staff. The challenge is, how will you counter terrorism within your organisation?

What are you doing to build a counter-terrorism plan within your business? If you are concerned with the lack of trust that clients, suppliers or employees have with your organisation, let’s chat.

Whether it is a disgruntled employee putting needles in strawberries, or an unhappy politician secretly recording private conversations for pre-meditated release, Corporate Terrorism is on the increase. The best way to Disarming Corporate Terrorists™ is by introducing T.R.U.S.T. as a business currency.

If you are concerned with the risk of Corporate Terrorism in your organisation, let’s chat.


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I help CEOs identify Corporate Terrorists & deliver sustainable Counter Corporate Terrorism plans. I can help you minimise the risks, & retain key staff. I deliver:

  • Training & mentoring
  • Coaching
  • Consulting & facilitating
  • Keynote presentations at your conferences.


I am the author of two books: “Disarming Corporate Terrorists™: Introducing T.R.U.S.T. as a business currency” & “Liberating Your Leadership Potential” which can help you lead more effectively.

I am the President with the Global Speakers Federation (2018-2019) – a $1bn industry with a reach to 53,000 thought leaders – & was the President of the National Speakers Association of New Zealand (2015-2017). I am also the Founder of the CEO Global Summit.

With a wealth of programmes available, I would like to explore the opportunity to partner with you to explore and deliver workshops and keynotes to add value to your organisation.

Call me now and let’s explore how I, Elias Kanaris, can help you to disarm the corporate terrorists and liberate your leadership potential.

*20th Annual Global CEO Survey (PWC)

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