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If people like you they will listen to you, but if they trust you they’ll do business with you

– Zig Ziglar

Leaders need to model building trust with their clients, and that starts with courageous conversations.  Trust is built on the back of doing the right things.

– Elias Kanaris

80% of IT & Telecommunications projects implemented do not deliver the Return On Investment (ROI) that they were commissioned on. As a senior consultant, I observed that there were 3 x P’s involved in every project – with at least one contributing to the issue:

  1. Product (which was often fit for purpose)
  2. Process (which were robust and wrapped around the Product), which left
  3. People (which included corporate terrorists that would negatively impact the project)

Add to this that 55% of CEOs are concerned about the lack of trust in business today* and that CEOs were seen amongst the least credible sources of information** and we have a problem!

In an age where diversity intelligence and reconciliation are being mandated into law, I have developed the pathway to disarm the corporate terrorists within any organisation. Empowering staff to build trust by introducing L.O.V.E. as a business currency, I can show you how to apply the four pillars of Listening, Observing, Valuing and Empathising to strengthen your organisation.

Research supports the idea that when there is a high level of trust in a company, it drives business performance by attracting engaged employees and retaining existing ones. As the founder of the CEO Global Summit, I am ideally placed to speak to your organisation about the benefits of values-based leadership. I can help you apply Nelson Mandela’s character traits and wisdom to lead more effectively.

With a wealth of programmes available, I would like to explore the opportunity to partner with you to explore and deliver workshops and keynotes to add value to your network of business owners.

Call me now and let’s explore how I, Elias Kanaris, can help you to liberate your leadership potential.

*19th Annual Global CEO Survey (PWC)
**2015 Edelman Trust Barometer

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