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You Don’t Have to be Blind to have Vision

There is a story about a grandfather who takes an afternoon nap. Whilst he is dozing away, his grandchildren sneak into the room and rub blue cheese into his moustache.

When he wakes up, the aroma of the cheese wafts into his nostrils and he complains about the smell in the room. “Something here stinks!” he exclaims.

As he moves into the hallway, he can still smell that unpleasant odour, which continues to frustrate him. It even follows him out of the house and he gets the feeling that the whole world is ‘turning bad.’ The trouble is that when the whole world stinks, the problem is often right under your nose…

Whilst this man was blind to the root cause of his problem, there is a story set in ancient Jewish times of a blind beggar called Bartimaeus, who refused to allow his blindness to get him in front of the one person that he believed could cure him.

Here are 5 tips from his story to help you have the vision to accomplish your goals in life:

  1. He stood out from the crowd. Even though there was a large crowd, he still made enough noise to get heard. He gained the attention of the person who could help hime reach his goal. Are you standing out from the crowd of just blending in?
  2. He seized his opportunity. They say that opportunity comes dressed up in overalls called hard work! Are you willing to put in the hard graft and do the work necessary for you to get your breakthrough?
  3. He shouted louder than his opposition. They say that a big shot is only a little shot that keeps on shooting! What are you willing to do to keep on going until you become successful at all that you put your heart into?
  4. He left his past behind him. You have to let go of the past and not live in the past. Once Bartimaeus got his breakthrough, he changed his ways and threw off his past life that defined him. He embraced his future and ensured that he was heading in the right direction? Are you willing to let go of your past?
  5. He knew what he wanted. He was crystal clear and had a vision of his future — despite the fact that he was blind. Do you have a vision of your future?

So, if you feel as if life stinks, take the time to review these 5 tips and use them to define a better vision for you and your future!

Nsanz GSF