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You Are A Product of Your Decisions

It’s impossible to grow without changing

For things to change, I need to change!

This is a phrase that rang loud and clear in my ears as I re-started my career here in New Zealand following a 12 month spell of unemployment during the late 1990’s. I went through all five stages of the classic loss and grieving process… Denial and Isolation; Anger; Bargaining; Depression; & Acceptance.

Once I gained acceptance of my role within the position that I found myself in, I was able to take up the mantra and change myself for the better.

I’m not a product of my circumstances

If you find yourself in a position of frustration, I encourage you to look at the following five questions and see if you are cause of your predicament:

  1. Did you make poor decisions leading up to this point?
  2. Are you in the habit of blaming others for your problems?
  3. Are you in denial over the results of your actions?
  4. Are you unwilling to take accountability over your actions?
  5. Are you in the regular habit of reviewing your actions and their consequences?

Where you are today is the direct result of all the actions that you have taken to date. Maybe it’s time for you to grow up and change your own nappy!

Nsanz GSF