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5 Strategies to an Improved Mind Set

According to a Harvard University study, attitude is 85% of the reason we get and keep jobs; skills
are only 15%. As a solopreneur, your attitude directly contributes to your long-term success. If you
are looking for a simple, effective and engaging way to help you create positive M.I.N.D.S. where:

  1. Measuring your perspective becomes a priority – you can always put things into perspective
  2. Impulse thinking can be identified – you can identify knee-jerk reactions
  3. New thinking can be programmed – you can learn how to respond
  4. Determination strategies can be set up – you learn to stand by your convictions
  5. Self-limiting beliefs can be shattered – you remove self-limiting beliefs forever…

…then look no further than Elias Kanaris. Using his 5 Shuns™ system, he will get you to look at
yourself from a different perspective to help you get the best out of yourself and your customers.

“What happens in the future starts right now when you take ACTION” (Elias Kanaris)

During a recent visit to Athens, Elias Kanaris paid his last respects to his mother as they laid her to rest. They held the funeral at a small cemetery that serviced three suburbs in the Greek capital.

Using the same grave that held the remains of his grandmother and his aunt, this funeral was to become a memorable occasion – for all of the wrong reasons!

They say that life imitates art. Well not even the most creative script writers could have penned what happened next as a series of slapstick events emerged.

Yet, despite the potentially devastating consequences of the funeral, Elias was able to look at the funny side of it and overlay his 5 Shuns™ system to identify 5 Key Strategies which he encourages his clients to apply to themselves and their businesses.

Hear Elias speak and apply these simple principles to your business to evaluate your mind-set,
improve your bottom line and enjoy better client retention!

The Objective:

  • To help delegates look at a situation from a different perspective
  • To identify personal and business lessons from everyday events
  • To see a potential disaster as a key to hope and salvation within their environment
  • To understand how personal decisions have an impact on their clients
  • To get keys to help them stick to their guns and their convictions

The Process:

Elias will take the audience through a personal journey that happened to him when he attended his
mother’s funeral in Athens. He will break down the events that unfolded and relate them to five
practical steps that are designed to give perspective, identify knee-jerk reactions, enable responsive
behaviour, strengthen convictions and remove self-limiting beliefs.

The Outcome:

Stimulate the thinking and increase awareness of practical changes that can be made within the
delegates’ perspective and everyday actions in the following areas:

  • The relativity of their problems…
  • The danger of their current thinking…
  • The limitations of their current actions…
  • The possibilities of new thinking…
  • The control they have over their paycheque…
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