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The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

invaluable-laws-growth-198x300John C. Maxwell says in order to reach your potential, you must be intentional about personal growth. This Keynote will help you understand how personal growth really works, and how you can develop yourself to become a more effective and fulfilled individual.

You will learn how to build up your sense of purpose and become more successful in every area of your life, so that you can become the person you are destined to be!  If you are looking for simple, practical and easy principles to help you fast-track your personal growth by:

  1. Making growth intentional – Because growth doesn’t ‘just happen’
  2. Becoming more aware  – Because you must see value in yourself to add value to yourself
  3. Designing a growth plan – Because to maximise growth you have to develop strategies
  4. Choosing correct trade-offs – Because you have to give up to grow up
  5. Contributing to others – Because growing yourself enables you to grow others

…then look no further than Elias Kanaris.  Using his 5 Shuns™ system, he will get you to look at how you are investing in your personal growth from a different perspective to help you become the person you are destined to be!

“What happens in the future starts right now when you take ACTION

(Elias Kanaris)

Potential is one of the most wonderful words in any language.  It looks forward with optimism. It is filled with hope. It promises success. It implies fulfillment. It even hints at greatness.  Potential is a word based on possibilities.

What about unfulfilled potential?  That phrase is as negative as the word potential is positive!  Since you are reading these words, I believe that you have the desire to reach your potential. So the question becomes, “How do you do it?”

Elias is able to help you look at the way you are investing in yourself and overlay his 5 Shuns™system to identify 5 Key Strategies which he encourages his clients to apply to their growth plan to positively influence their personal and business lives.

Hear Elias speak and apply these simple principles to yourself to learn more about your strengths, tap into your potential and become more in touch with your purpose!

The Objective

  • To help delegates understand how personal growth works
  • To identify ways to become a more effective and fulfilled individual
  • To help you to grow and become better than you are today

The Process

Elias will take the audience through a series of principles that are documented in the best-selling book ‘The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth’.  He will break down the 5 of the laws of growth and relate them to five strategies that are designed to make growth intentional, help you become more aware; design a personal growth plan;choose the correct trade-offs whilst understanding how you can contribute to other peoples growth.

The Outcome

Stimulate the thinking and increase awareness of practical changes that can be made within your growth plans in the following areas:

  • Be more intentional with your growth plans because growth doesn’t ‘just happen’
  • See more value in yourself so that you can add value to yourself
  • Maximise your growth by designing your growth plan
  • Select the right trade-offs because you have to give up to grow up
  • Think beyond yourself to enable others to grow alongside you
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