What others are saying about Elias Kanaris

“‘Authenticity’ is a word thrown around too freely these days. But when you come across a leader, ambassador, and messenger who truly exemplifies the term, you are wise to sit up and listen. In Liberating Your Leadership Potential, Elias Kanaris not only channels the lessons of Mandela, but he reveals his own unique voice in the process. Poignant, thought-provoking, and refreshingly actionable, this is a profound guide not only to digest, but to revisit again and again.”

David Avrin
Business Speaker and Author of Visibility Marketing

“Want to strengthen your leadership skills to influence others on your team to achieve more? Start here!”

Jeff Page
Chief Executive Officer of Kepa - The Advisers Institute

“As a senior certified consultant and speaker on international stages, I have access to some of highest quality and most ethical leaders on this planet. Elias Kanaris definitely stands out as one of those leaders because of his natural leadership talent, his ability to inspire others towards liberating mind-sets, and his ability to see the bigger picture. I highly recommend that you unlock your leadership potential with Elias Kanaris’ keys to leadership.”

Landi Jac
Founder and Chairman of The Consultant Code

“I’ve known Elias for some time now, and I can say he walks his talk. And even though I had already heard him share much of what he’s written, I gained fresh insights as I read his book. You will too as you take this journey with him.”

Scott M. Fay
Vice President of The John Maxwell Team and CEO of Rood Landscape Company

“When all the elements of inspired leadership converge, Elias Kanaris is the perfect storm. That was my experience in a season of tremendous growth and discovery whilst exposed to Elias’ leadership. If enlarging capacity and unlocking potential is important to you, read this book. Profound influence is inevitable.”

Richie Lewis
Founding Pastor of Grace Global NZ

“Elias Kanaris has been on the journey of self-discovery and personal growth for years. In this book, he shares key principles that he has both learned and lived along the way. Grab a cup of coffee, a pad of paper, and a pen, and prepare to enjoy the journey. I know you will find many things you will want to recall for years to come.”

Paul Martinelli
President of Empowerment Mentoring

“Because Elias knows his own non-negotiables and he can apply them in his life and in his work, he’s the one to show us how to find our way to effective leadership through the traits and core-values of Nelson Mandela.”

Paul ter Wal CSP
Keynote Speaker, Author, and All-Round Good Guy

“Elias Kanaris is a committed, responsive leader with an eye for futurism and best practice. I would suggest this book is an extension of his genius and can be a stunning tool for any individual engaged in being a leader for others, in business, or in a community.”

Mike Handcock
Global Speaking Fellow, Multi-Award Winning Author, and Chairman of Rock Your Life

“Elias is not just someone with vision and passion to make a difference; he has a great and easy way of providing clarity for those wanting to make a difference in their lives. In your hands is a heart story—one that will resonate. It will provide vision, hope, clarity, and a framework for freedom and how to become all that you were created for. Get ready for new adventures as you read this impactful book.”

Tony Lynch
Founder of Keep Thinking BIG and

Author of Think BIG Leadership

“Whenever I want to have an enlightening discussion about leadership, the colleague with whom I get in touch is Elias Kanaris. This is one of the best books I have ever read on leadership, and it is written by a gentleman who practices what he preaches. Elias has hit a home run with this book. It is a must for everyone, no matter where they are on the leadership scale.”

Tanya Unkovich
Author of Unplanned Journey

A Triumph in Life and Death

“When I first met Elias, it was obvious he was a man with strong values and a commitment to those he coaches. This will give you the skills to be a great leader to gain the most from your team.”

Michelle Pascoe CSP
Speaker, Career & Business Educator, and Author of The VIP Principle

“One of the most challenging roles for a leader is to lead a voluntary organisation. In Liberating Your Leadership Potential, Elias Kanaris gives you the keys that can help you change self-limiting beliefs to successfully lead volunteers with influence.”

Jonathan Low
CSP PCC 2015-16 President Global Speakers Federation

“A priority of mine in broadcasting is always to start with what I know. What I know about Elias Kanaris is that he is not only lavishly passionate about the outcomes of great leadership but that he has a deep-seated care for the outcomes of people influenced by those leaders. Take passion, attention to detail, and Elias’s embodied altruism, and this read will inspire you to rise willingly as you experience his pulse for greater leaders, greater leadership, and a greater life.”

John Peachey
Keynote Speaker, Broadcaster, Author, and Communicator

“Many authors report on topics from safe and secure vantage points. But once in a great while, an author emerges from a place of deep embodiment. Such words are forged and fashioned from rich experience and personal incarnation. Elias Kanaris has written a masterpiece, fleshed out in his life and community a long time before. Read it and be inspired. Live it and be changed.”

Kary Oberbrunner
Author of Day Job to Dream Job, The Deeper Path, and Your Secret Name

“Elias has been a student of many styles of leadership for over a decade. If you are looking for tactical solutions with effective outcome, this is the book! Elias will lay out the nuts and bolts of Mr. Mandela’s leadership.”

Sheri Griffin
Entreleadership Coach and Business Owner, Theatre Design Group

“In the years I’ve known Elias, he has been an inspiration! Through sharing both success and failure with humble transparency, he has taught me much, and challenged me to dream bigger and bolder dreams, and actively pursue them. My world is better for having a friend of his character and determination.”

Trudy Metzger
Founder of Faith Girls Unleashed & Generations Unleashed

“Elias Kanaris genuinely cares for people—a great start for any leader. Elias is also a great storyteller and the ‘real’ stories of how he and others have learned to conquer their mountains and become great leaders are right here in this book.”

Yvonne Godfrey
Founder of the MIOMO Programme, Speaker, and Author of Networking with God and Parenting Yadults

“I have worked alongside Elias for some time now and he truly understands leadership. This book will be a key component of your leadership toolbox that you can’t do without. You will definitely ‘Liberate your Leadership Potential’ and take your leadership to great heights and powers of influence, when you read this book.”

Linda Guirey
‘The Mindset Manager’, Speaker, Trainer, Author, Artist

“If you are really serious about taking your leadership skills and abilities to the next level, then this book is for you. I have known Elias Kanaris for over twenty years, and his knowledge and experiences, which he shares in this book, are authentic and valuable. There are teachings in this book that will help put you in a great position to take on leadership roles you never thought you could. Enjoy!”

Denis Gianoutsos
Executive Coach, Facilitator, Speaker and Founder of The Global Leadership Coach

“Elias has brought together his experiences and knowledge and combined them with the wisdom of another great man, Nelson Mandela, to highlight the essentials of leadership and life. A great read. It’s worth taking the time to reflect on the lessons and how they apply to your life.”

Karen Tui Boyes CSP
Speaker, Educator, Creator, and Leader at Spectrum Education

“Applying skills and characteristics from a truly remarkable man who transformed a country, this powerful book instills guiding principles for leadership, and the inspiration to build a reputable business with loyal customers and dedicated employees.”

Susan Friedmann, CSP
International Bestselling Author of Riches in Niches: How to Make it BIG in a Small Market

“If you ask people, ‘Who are some of the most admired personalities of the twentieth century?’, Nelson Mandela’s name is sure to be cited again and again—the attitude he adopted following twenty-seven years of incarceration borders on being superhuman. This is where Elias Kanaris’ book does such a masterful job. Many of us who are familiar with Mandela’s story will never sleep a night behind prison bars, yet Elias speaks of the reader’s ‘jail of self-limiting beliefs’ and how we might be set free from inhibiting mind-sets. I count Elias as a friend, and respect him as a leader, and I have no hesitation recommending this tapestry of Mandela’s lessons, Kanaris’ own leadership journey, and the application of both to anyone in a role of influence—read and be set free!”

Glen Sharkey
Trainer and Speaker (NSANZ Trainer of the Year, 2015)

“Every once in awhile you stumble across a book that forever impacts your life. This is one of those books and is a must add to your personal development collection”

Patrick Snow
Publishing Coach and International Best-Selling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny