Using tracking systems to pre-empt crime.

In a 15-day period, 380,000 passengers were affected by a large-scale hack on an airline’s website.

Passenger names, home addresses and credit card data were all stolen during the security breach, catching the airline flat-footed. Though the airline could identify that the data had been stolen, the specifics of how the hack took place remained largely unknown.

Investigative work by the San Francisco-based threat detection firm RiskIQ, offered an insight into how the hackers pulled off their attack.

By using sophisticated tracking systems, RiskIQ identified that ‘a script’ running on BA’s baggage claim information page had been changed just before the breach began, a blatant red flag that caught RiskIQ’s attention.

In this Keynote, Elias explores how tracking systems can be used to protect your organisation. Elias explains the five pillars of introducing T.R.U.S.T. as a business currency to strengthen your organisation.

Delegates will learn more about:
1) How TRANSPARENCY will build trust with your stakeholders
2) Who is in your RING OF STEEL
3) Why UNDERSTANDING RISK is important
4) What you need to know about SAFETY
5) How to leverage TRACKING systems