Protecting your brand against internal sabotage.

On September 9th, 2018, the first of a number of needles were found in punnets of strawberries. In total, at least seven punnets of contaminated fruit were discovered.

The Corporate Terrorist, a former Queensland strawberry farm employee, known as Judy, was arrested after her DNA was discovered in a contaminated punnet. It was alleged that she had grievances about her treatment at work. She allegedly told her co-workers that she “wanted to bring them down” and “put them out of business”.

What makes an employee so disenfranchised that they would maliciously try to harm their employers?

The growth of Corporate Terrorists is increasing. They work against the leaders and often sabotage projects. If left untreated, they turn other employees to their way of thinking, creating a ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ in the department.

In this Keynote, Elias explores the signs that something is amiss in your organisation. Elias explains the five pillars of introducing T.R.U.S.T. as a business currency to strengthen your organisation.

Delegates will learn more about:
1) How TRANSPARENCY will build trust with your stakeholders
2) Who is in your RING OF STEEL
3) Why UNDERSTANDING RISK is important
4) What you need to know about SAFETY
5) How to leverage TRACKING systems