Leveraging the strengths of others to reinforce the organisation.

Imagine launching a new product. The room is full of journalists and the TV cameras are pointing at you. Suddenly, you notice the leader of a high-profile organisation that has polarised the press walk in the room.

In unison, the cameras turn away from you and focus on the intruder.

How would you react? What would you have to do to re-establish your credibility with the media?

In December 2007, when the Family Party was launched to contest the 2008 general election in New Zealand, they suffered from the influence of a Corporate Terrorist.  With the media painting them in a negative way, they resorted to introducing T.R.U.S.T. as a business currency to remedy the situation.

In this Keynote, Elias explores the solutions required to strengthen the team and reinforce the organisation. Elias explains the five pillars of introducing T.R.U.S.T. as a business currency to strengthen your organisation.

Delegates will learn more about:
1) How TRANSPARENCY will build trust with your stakeholders
2) Who is in your RING OF STEEL
3) Why UNDERSTANDING RISK is important
4) What you need to know about SAFETY
5) How to leverage TRACKING systems