The biggest test of your leadership is to lead a volunteer workforce.

Finding himself debt-free, Elias Kanaris, felt a calling to get into politics. With no political experience and aspirations, he joined the Board of a Christian political party called The Family Party in 2007. By 2008, he left his corporate role, to dedicate a year working within the party.

Contesting the 2008 general election in New Zealand, Elias was asked to step into the role of Party President. Soon he was fighting fires and reigning in rogue candidates.

In this Keynote, Elias explores how one can put aside a thousand, two can put aside ten thousand, yet a triple-braided chord cannot be broken. By working closely with the Leader and Deputy Leader, they became a triple-braided chord that led The Family Party and contested the election. Elias explains the five pillars of introducing T.R.U.S.T. as a business currency to strengthen your organisation.

Delegates will learn more about:
1) How TRANSPARENCY will build trust with your stakeholders
2) Who is in your RING OF STEEL
3) Why UNDERSTANDING RISK is important
4) What you need to know about SAFETY
5) How to leverage TRACKING systems