Giving you strength to help you ACHIEVE ANYTHING YOU DESIRE.

What would you do if you found yourself $2,000,000 in debt, with all your lines of credit maxed out? Would you call it quits? Would you call in the liquidators and declare bankruptcy? Would you rush around and see who you can persuade to loan you some money – any money? Family? Friends?

Or would you leverage God?

What??! Don’t be sacrilegious, Elias. What you are saying is blasphemous. You can’t manipulate God!

Elias Kanaris is not saying that he tried to manipulate God. He’s just saying that he was leveraging God. There’s a subtle and important distinction…

By leaning into God and allowing himself to submit to His will and His word, Elias was able to remove 94% of his debt in less than six months. All legally. All above board. Without having to sell the house from beneath his family. And all through Him and His strength.

In this Keynote Elias will show you what God revealed to him when He (God) dissolved $160,000 of debt in two years. You will learn that:

» God knows your every need and will provide everything that you need

» If you try things in your own strength, you will fail

» If you follow God’s blueprint, you can accomplish miracles

» Obedience will be rewarded

» God is not a religious experience

» Irrespective of what your past is, God is willing to wipe the slate clean and help you to start over