Transforming leaders to transform cities.

You spend the majority of your time at work. And you’re good at it. But you wonder – could you be doing more for God? If you’re like most Christian leaders, the answer is YES …but you don’t need to leave your job to do it.

In this Keynote, Elias Kanaris will help you to understand how you can bring you faith into a marketplace ministry.

By encouraging his audience to take the “Jesus Journey”, Elias identifies what Jesus did during His 33-and-a-half years here on earth. He spent the first 30 years in preparation. The next 3 years was His ministry, with the final 6 months focused on transition.

Here are some of the revelations that await you that you will cover:

» Clarifying your calling

» Understand how faith in Jesus integrates in business & everyday life

» The value of building dynamic relationships with other Christian influencers

» Captivating your heart for the City

» Utilise your God-given influence and platform for the good of the city