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How terrorism is moving from the field to the boardroom

Picture courtesy of supermarketnews.co.nz

The Australasian market has been stunned through the discovery of needles in strawberries. This mindless act of terrorism is bringing an industry to its knees. First strawberries — and now allegedly apples as well!

“At this time, [we] have reason to suspect that a disgruntled ex-employee may have orchestrated the occurrence, wherein sewing needles were found in a number of strawberries, in Queensland and Victoria,” a statement from the Queensland Strawberry Growers Association said.

Whichever way you look st it, this is what I call Corporate Terrorism. Disengaged employees are costing the NZ economy over $7.5bn per annum (source: Gallup) and the Australian economy as much as $60bn. Actively disengaged people are now putting lives at risk.

According to the Organization for Security & Co-Operation in Europe, “The lines between crime and terror have become blurred.”

Not all terrorism is external. We are finding more damage being inflicted through internal terrorists. The risk to brand damage and reputation is growing. In 2016, electronics giant Samsung lost a staggering $19bn in equity as the result of the product Galaxy Note 7 recall. The cost of the recall was $5bn, with 33% drop in equity on that announcement.

The challenge for businesses is, “How are you disarming corporate terrorist?”

I would suggest that the best methodology is to look at introducing T.R.U.S.T. as a business currency. This is a five pillar startegy designed to provide a counter-terrorist plan and strategy for your organisation, based on:

  • Transparency
  • Ring of Steel
  • Understanding Risk
  • Security
  • Tracking

In trying to address the issue, we used to view it from an operational level, with the focus on Product; Process and People. This led to a tactical view, when we introduced Policy to address the issue. Unfortunately, the problem originated in the C-Suite, where the leadership contributed to the corrupt corporate culture. And the only way to counter this is to address the issue at a confidence level. By introducing T.R.U.S.T. as a business currency, we have a chance to counter this terrorism once and for all!

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