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How Many Seeds Are In An Apple?

How Many Seeds Are In An Apple?

If I was to ask you to look at an apple and guess how many seeds there were in that apple without cutting it open, what would you say? Would it be, “4 or 5″; “13 or more”, or “Just a few!”? Whatever your answer, it is difficult to guess.

But what if I asked you to take a look from another perspective…

What if we took just one of those seeds and planted it into the ground. What if that seed germinated, grew into an apple tree that produce a harvest of apples year in, year out? Maybe now the more appropriate question that we should be asking is, “How many apples are there in that one seed?”

You see, I believe that we all have a seed of greatness that has been planted inside of us from birth. The challenge is that very few of us know how to cultivate that seed and produce an abundance of fruit that we can harvest.

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Did You Know That You Can Produce Fruit That Helps You To Deliver On Your Dreams?

For over 20 years I worked in the Corporate World, where I held a number of senior positions, including the role of Senior Consultant. I would often be engaged by a company to evaluate their environment and make recommendations on changes that could help them improve their efficiency and profitability. Yet, when I returned, 6 months later, I would be frustrated by the lack of implementations.

Upon analysis, I found that there were 3 “P’s” that were involved in every implementation:

  1. Product
  2. Process and
  3. People

Often it was not the Product or the Process that were lacking, but the People side that caused the lack of success in delivering a Return on Investment.

Over the years, I have investigated the way that successful people operate and I have found that there are some identifiable keys to their success. I’ve pored over hundreds of autobiographies, leadership and personal development books. I’ve attended dozens of seminars and conferences to learn how to improve myself and rub shoulders with successful people. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on my own development and I have made every penny count.


What You Can Hear Depends On What You Are Preaching

They say that you attract who you are. I’d go one step further and I would suggest that you attract what you say.

When I coach people, I frequently hear them talking about a lack of direction, or an unfulfilled potential. They often have the skill-sets and the capability, but they lack the road map to lead them to their destination.

So, like them, I encourage you to look at the following statements and ask yourself one simple question, “Do I relate to any of these?” If the answer is “Yes!” to one or more statements, then you are ready to join me on a journey of self discovery and transition!

  • I want to jump-start my life
  • I want to resurrect my dream(s)
  • I want to cultivate the seed of greatness that lies within me
  • I want to lift the lid on my potential
  • I want to be a world changer

So, what are you waiting for? If you are looking for a sign, let me provide you with one…

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