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I recently went to a local furniture retailer to document an issue with a recliner that I had purchased a year prior. The process was simple and satisfactory, once I had located the salesperson who sold us the original item.

As we were leaving the store, my wife enquired if they had a bedding section.

We were directed to the other end of the store where we found ourselves overwhelmed with the plethora of choices available. Unsure where to even start, a helpful salesperson – a lady in her late 50’s – approached us and made the following comment. “It’s quite difficult to know where to start! If I was you, I’d look at this bed – it’s the one that I bought for myself recently. Just lie down on it and see how you feel. Don’t worry about taking your shoes off, it’s all been taken care of!”

At which point she left us to try out that bed.

When she returned, she asked us how we got on. Then she asked us some pertinent questions surrounding our purchasing criteria and motivation. Her questions were open ended and drew out the main reasons why we wanted to purchase and what benefits we were seeking.

After explaining the different technologies on offer (from inner sprung mattresses through to memory foam), she guided us up and down the price range and encouraged us to try all the beds, starting from their top end and working down to the basic models. This way we would get a feel for the technologies and figure out along the way what we liked and didn’t like.

What started out as a five minute exercise, lasted nearly 2 hours and we walked away with the purchase of a bed package valued in excess of $16,000 for just a tad over $10,000!

So this got me thinking about the experience and how the retailer has won (& retained) a profitable and loyal customer.

The salesperson was consultative in her approach. She sold us on benefits and not features. She took time to listen to our requirements and brought back the conversation to our needs at every opportunity. She listed out the value-added items that we would be receiving, and produced an effective ROI for us to consider. (After all, the investment in this bed was around $1.50 per day over the 20 years expected lifetime of the item – that’s the equivalent of just over 2 coffees per week!!)

Combine this with a pleasant experience related to the remedy of my faulty furniture at the start of the process, and you can soon see how effective client management combined with a consultative sales approach has led to a satisfied, loyal customer with a larger wallet share to that retailer.

What I would like to do is to put aside time over the next few weeks to look at ways that I can help you.

I’m going to document my experiences over the last 30 years of leadership in the area of sales and marketing and help you to liberate your sales potential. I’ve used this material to work with Small and Medium sized Enterprises who want to grow their sales leadership and make more profit.

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I look forward to serving you!

Nsanz GSF