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For Your Seed to Germinate You Have To Be In The Dark

Your brightest glory follows your darkest hour

There will be times in your personal and business life that will seem dark and desperate. Your back will be against the wall and progress will appear fruitless.

Most people will lose hope at that point and might quit the race.

Yet this is the best time to persevere and carry on.

Perseverance produces fruit

For a seed to bear fruit, it needs to be planted in (ideally) rich soil and then watered and fertilised. The dark, camp environment becomes conducive to its growth. The process allows the seed to fie to itself and to then produce fruit that can be harvested.

As you struggle through these dark times, remember that your perseverance will produce the required fruit to help you burst through the topsoil and enjoy the bright sunlight to nourish your on-going growth.

Nsanz GSF