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The 5 Strategies to an Engaged Team

According to a Harvard University study, attitude is 85% of the reason we get and keep jobs; skills are only 15%. It has been shown that with the support from management, an employee can work more confidently in a team environment and this leads to increased organisational productivity.

If you are looking for a simple, effective and engaging way to help you create winning T.E.A.M.S. to implement the:
  1. Togetherness Strategy that helps to strengthen workforces – The Bumble-Bee principle
  2. Encouragement Strategy to increase follow-through – The Is-It-Worth-Having policy
  3. Accountability Strategy to improve trust – The 37 Issues + 1 Shredder equation
  4. Momentum Strategy to sustain progress – The Look-for-the-Gold solution
  5. Solidarity Strategy to help maximise community – The Take-it-Offline philosophy…

…then look no further than Elias Kanaris. Using his 5 Shuns™ system, he will get you and your staff to look at your business from a different perspective to help you get the best out of your people.

Scientists have proven that it is aerodynamically impossible for the bumblebee to fly. Its body is too heavy and it wings are too light. You’ve probably read about this phenomenon before.
However, the bumblebee doesn’t read – it just flies!

Too often, people start to believe things that they read or have heard that adversely affects their ability to achieve more. These become self-limiting beliefs that convert to ingrained habits that can cause employees to under-achieve.

Using a technique gained from Mamie McCullough’s book “I Can. You Can Too!”, alongside a story
by Chick Moorman entitle “Rest In Peace – The ‘I Can’t’ Funeral”, this program is designed to help employees identify and remove negative self-limiting beliefs from their life – once and for all!

Represented as “I Can’t…” statements, these negative beliefs are given a burial and laid to rest, replaced with an “Eye Can” – a visual representation of what’s possible!

Elias was able to look at the principles held within these stories and overlaid his 5 Shuns™system to identify 5 Key Strategies which he encourages his clients to apply to their businesses. Let Elias help you apply these simple principles to your business to enjoy better employee satisfaction, staff retention and to improve your bottom line and client engagement!

The Objective:

  • To help delegates look at a situation from a different perspective
  • To recognise and remove self-limiting beliefs
  • To identify business lessons from everyday events
  • To attain a conformity on business goals across the team

The Process:

During this half-day workshop, Elias will take the audience through the learnings that he extracted from two books that have significantly impacted his life and the teams that he has led. He will break down the key points that he identified and relate them to five business strategies that are designed to strengthen workforces, increase follow-through, improve trust, sustain progress whilst maximising community.

The Outcome:

Stimulate the thinking and increase awareness of practical changes that can be made by delegates to create winning T.E.A.M.S. within the business in the following areas:

  • Togetherness Strategy that helps to strengthen workforces
  • Encouragement Strategy to increase follow-through
  • Accountability Strategy to improve trust
  • Momentum Strategy to sustain progress
  • Solidarity Strategy to help maximise community
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