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Do You Want to Move From Average to Excellent?

I just came off a week-long Speaking engagement where I visited 8 centers and spoke to over 250 advisors in just 5 days.

The topic of my Keynote was “Move from Average to Excellent.”

If we’re honest with ourselves, we all start out average. In fact, nobody starts out any good. We have to work hard to become good.

As I researched the topic, it became evident that 95% of the people go 95% of the way, to end up with 95% of the wealth.

The question to ask is what do the other 5% of the population do that gains them 95% of the wealth?

Here are 5 points that I concluded are the difference-makers between both groups:

  1. Excellent people do ordinary things over and over again. For example, practicing; working; failing — the list goes on. None of these tasks are glamorous, but the constant repetition over time moves a person from Average to Excellent.
  2. Excellent people surround themselves with a Board of Directors (or an Inner Circle). They have around 5 people who they can confer with to address business issues that move them from Average to Excellent.
  3. Excellent people allocate P.W.S. (Personal White Space) into their calendar. They take time to be alone and uninterrupted to plan their time to move them from Average to Excellent.
  4. Excellent people plan their work and work their plan. They control their calendar and often plan out their time a month or more in advance. They know that if they don’t control their calendar, then someone else will and that stops them from moving from Average to Excellent.
  5. Excellent people hold themselves accountable to someone else for their actions. They use Accountability Partnerships to ensure that they start their week setting up their goals and finish their week reviewing their progress as they move from Average to Excellent.

So, as you look at moving yourself from Average to Excellent, consider implementing these 5 points into your schedule.

Nsanz GSF