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Are You Building Trust?

At a time of difficulty, who can you trust?

Who Will You Trust Enough to Have a Courageous Conversation With?

At times, you will need to seek counsel from those who surround you. It isn’t always an easy thing to go up to somebody and ask for help. Make sure that you can trust them!

During my business’ infancy, my wife and I were experiencing issues. It’s not that we had a bad marriage; it was just that the stress of our financial situation was starting to take a toll on our relationship.

Once my wife and I decided that we needed help, we applied a similar process to the inner circle to our situation. We opted to spend some time with two of the elders in our church.

First, I attended a meeting with the elders but not with my wife. The three of us met in a small room. I was asked to share my perspective on where I saw my business heading and how I felt it was affecting my marriage. I believe I was open about the truth of my situation and felt I had handled the questions accurately and honestly.

A strong leader will have the wisdom to remove their ego from the frame.

Will you trust yourself to listen to advice that you might not like to hear?

What I hadn’t anticipated was the strong backlash I would encounter from the elders sitting opposite me. I was questioned about my decision-making process and whether I was on the right track. As the barrage of questions were fired my way, I truly felt as if I had gone through ten rounds with Mike Tyson!

Who Are You Listening To?

I was reeling as I left the room. But I continued to search deep within me to ensure that I was honest and objective with my review. As a man of faith, I had to ask myself whether I was really hearing the voice of God directing my path or whether I needed to quit my business and stack shelves in my local supermarket to make money so we could pay our bills. My soul-searching provided me with the clarity I needed, and I continued along the same pathway I had started down.

Are You Willing To Trust Others To Ask You The Tough Questions?

Getting an independent review of your business can be dangerous, unless you have the fortitude to dig deep for the right answers. Are you willing to trust others to ask you the tough questions? Will you buckle under the stress of the questions that come your way? More importantly, are you willing to subject yourself to this form of independent review to get you on the right pathway for your business? A strong leader will listen to advice that he might not like to hear, but he will have the wisdom to remove his ego from the frame to accomplish the task ahead.

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