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7 Ways Successful People Become More Successful

I once read a book called “The Millionaire Next Door.” I could have sworn that the author was writing about my father!

He had successfully accumulated a fair fortune, yet he lived in a relatively non-descript house, drove a late model car and drank non-brand beer.
I wish that I had the courage to ask him during my youth what he did that made him more successful. In fact, I received more wisdom from a highly successful business woman that I had a coffee with.

During our conversation, where I was picking her brain in relation to my goals on investment properties, she asked me to tell her why I wanted to own a specific number of houses. I told her that it was to enable me to bless Christian families that wanted to get into quality housing.

“So are you running a charity or a business?” she asked.

My takeaway was that if it was a business, treat it as a business!

Here are 7 ways that successful people become more successful…

#1 No excuses

They will not allow excuses to be used to stop them from achieving their goals. They are honest with themselves in the first instance, which means that they tend to be victors and not victims.

A victim will spend their time in B.E.D. – Blame, Excuses and Denial.

A successful person will not make excuses for mistake, but will analyse the root cause and learn from it.

No Excuses

#2 Sacrifice

Successful people make sacrifices all the time. They have learnt to obey the rule that states that ‘you can pay now and play later or play now and pay later – but when you pay at the back end, there is compounding interest that will impact the cost.’

It is said that Ray Crock sacrificed a lot to get the original franchise system for McDonald’s Restaurants up and running. He drew down his pension, he didn’t draw a salary for a few years, invested his insurance to pay other peoples’ salaries and gave up his country club membership! (Which they say added 6 strokes to his golf handicap!)

What are you willing to sacrifice to succeed?

Make sacrifices

#3 O.A.R.

A successful person tends to have a victor’s mentality.

They will use an O.A.R – Ownership, Accountability & Responsibility for their actions as well as those of their employees.

In 1982, pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson’s CEO, James Burke, had to make a tough call to withdraw their product Tylenol from the shelves nationwide. Investigations proved that a sample of bottles in the Chicago metropolitan area had been tampered with and injected with cyanide. The exercise cost Johnson & Johnson $100 MM.

Burke took full responsibility and ownership for the problem, which led to the death of 8 people in Chicago, and made the hard decision in favour of the safety of millions.

Ownership, Accountable, and Responsible

#4 Take care of the pennies

You would have heard the phrase, “Take care of the pennies and they will take care of the pounds!”

Successful people are good stewards of everything that is given to them. If you can take care of a little, you will be able to take care of a lot.

70% of all lottery winners will be declared bankrupt within 5 years of receiving their jackpot winnings. Why? Because they fail to implement this principle that their successful counterparts live on a daily basis.

Counting Pennies

#5 Focused

Most successful people are razor sharp with their focus. They know exactly what they are striving for and have it written down.

I would go one step further. They will tend to have multiple copies of their goals and vision written down and made available for them to read on a daily basis.

And the most successful will also read out their goals. Go on, give it a try and see how much more successful you will become over a short 90-day period.


#6 Other focused

According the leadership guru Dr. John C. Maxwell, high achievers care about their people as well as their profits. Low achievers, on the other hand, are more concerned about their own security.

High achievers tend to view their direct reports optimistically, whereas low achievers tend to distrust their direct reports.

Are you ego-centric, or are you able to see a world that exists outside of you?

Help others succeed

#7 Live their values

Successful people recognise the values that they want to adhere to and articulate it in a way that other employees can mimic.

Authenticity is a key attribute of successful people.

I encourage you to write down your key values (e.g. honesty, integrity, hard working etc) and get somebody to keep you accountable to them.

Live by your values


Because I’m feeling generous today, I’d like to add another way successful people become successful… It is because they surround themselves with the right people and ask the right questions.
So, as I conclude this article, I would encourage you to ask yourself, “Who am I surrounding myself with?” Afterall, author and motivator Jim Rohn said that you are the average of the 5 people that you spend most of your time with.

Nsanz GSF