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5 Ways Giving Will Benefit You

On Saturday, it was our daughter’s birthday. “What did you get up to?” you might ask. I spent the day with 14 ‘strangers’ at the house of another person that up till that point in time, we never met before…

I teamed up with 499 members from my church across New Zealand and we tackled 81 homes across the country as part of our community impact initiative. In my case, I was washing outdoor toys as my wife led a team to clear out the garage to make way for some of them to enjoy a dry winter. Others tackled the grime and mould in the main house, lending a helping hand to the owner that had a debilitating condition that contributed to the problem. Why helping others is good for your health…

Here are five things that I found out about giving that will benefit you:

  1. Giving can alleviate depression
  2. People who volunteer are more satisfied with their lives
  3. Older people who volunteer tend to live longer
  4. Giving is good for the heart
  5. People who spend more on others are happier than those who spend more money on themselves

So start working on improving your health by giving some of your time to help others who might not be able to help themselves.

Nsanz GSF